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Let Purgatory Novena say it for you...

Purgatory Novena
We are just like you. We want to go to heaven, but not yet… We are having too much fun being senior citizens, and receiving all the discounts. We’re married; we’re moms and grandmas. We love laughing, especially at ourselves, singing off tune, gathering with family and friends, and traveling, especially to holy sites. But before we continue we are going to take you back a few years.

Something happened to both of us, not simultaneously, but pretty darn close; it was different deaths in different states but similar experiences.  Attending different funerals we both noticed that there didn’t seem to be an emphasis on what happens after death, but rather a consensus that everyone goes straight to heaven.

Both of us, having a glimpse into our own lives, feared we were not in the league of these sanctified (saintly) souls. And if you asked any of our relatives or friends they would tell you it’s doubtful either of us would make it straight to heaven! After all, the Bible says “nothing defiled can enter heaven,” Rev 21:27 and even a small imperfection defiles one’s soul.  Fearful of being “canonized” at our own funeral Masses, out of misguided compassion, we prayed, in the Real Presence of Jesus begging for guidance through the Holy Spirit.  From that pleading, a nine day personalized purgatory novena was born and for the next several years we prayed and studied and through the guidance of holy priests and holy laity the novena was chiseled to its present form.  We found that not only did the saints and early Church Fathers believe in purgatory, but with profound gratitude the Catholic Church displayed much wisdom, love and mercy in her declaration and development of the doctrine of purgatory.

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