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To Empty Purgatory,

whether you believe it exists or not...

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Let Purgatory Novena say it for you...

Purgatory Novena
This website is dedicated as a guide for making a NOVENA for the release of a particular soul that may be in purgatory and to reaffirm a sometimes neglected doctrine.

Purgatory is a great gift from God.  Therefore, we have, in anticipation of our death, begged prayers from all who personally know us; for unless the mercy of God descends upon us, and we accept it wholeheartedly, we will lament not having attained the holiness needed to see God face to face. If we die with so much of “US” still remaining, i.e. our pride, our disobedience to the commandments and our lack of perfect love of God and neighbor, we can only beg that you do not forget us. We promise to intercede for your special needs both in purgatory and heaven in gratitude for your prayers.

Pax Christi, Kathy and Gail